Conducting preventive and organizational activities for ensuring fire safety at sites

  • Determining the functional fire risk class, fire risk category, fire and explosion class and group of buildings and equipment, according to the valid rules and regulations for fire safety and emergency
  • Fire risk assessment and prevention
  • Fire control
  • Establishing the reasons for the origin and the spread of fires and applying measures for increasing the level of the fire safety
  • Site preparation for successful evacuation and fire extinguishing
  • Developing documentation for creating an organizational structure for ensuring fire safety at the site, according to the rules and regulations for fire safety during site operation
  • Informational and clarification activities on questions concerning fire safety
  • Carrying out training and instructions on fire safety based on the order set up in Regulation No RD-07-2 dated 2009 for the conditions and the order for carrying out periodical training and instruction of the employees on the rules for ensuring healthy and safe labor conditions